Aliexpress 7th birthday - it's sale time!

by AliExpert

Posted on 2017-03-27 18:54:27 UTC

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As every year at the end of the march we will be celebrating Aliexpress birthdays! This occassion is a great opportunity to buy many products at lower prices and get some coupons with discounts.

But not only clients are happy at birthday's because sellers every year are getting tons of sales at these days. Many people are saying that Aliexpress birthday is almost as big sale as 11 november festival.

How and when buy something at Aliexpress birthday?

21-27 march

We are able to get as much coupons, tokens and also complete everyday tasks.

You should go to the Game Land tab - exactly the same as at 11 november sale.

Our first mission is taking care of our tree. You have to water and deworm it. Next part of earning tokens is "Shake for coins" game - do you remember it? It is avivable from Aliexpress application on your smartphone. If you have never used Aliexpress application - you can find it here

There is also a game named "Bubble Challenge". It is not too hard - you just have to shot bubbles using bow. You can find some gifts in bubbles - like coupons or tokens. Remember that you have 2 chances to shot your target.

Next option to get some coupons is completing tasks which Aliexpress gives us. You have to complete selected task only at selected day - below you can find list of everyday challenges:

  • 21 march - Add any product to Wish list,

  • 22 march - Play Bubble Challenge,

  • 23 march - Set Flash notice,

  • 24 march - Create a Fan List,

  • 25 march - Share coupon with friend,

  • 26 march - exchange tokens into coupon,

  • 27 march - follow your favourite Aliexpress Live Stream

Every task completed fires a candle on birthday cake. If you will complete all seven tasks you may get something suprising.

28-30 march

  • Majority of sales are going to begin

In these 3 days you can use all of earlier collected coupons. Almost all of products will have lower prices and when you will combine it with coupons you may get many things at really low price. However there may be one problem with prices - just let me explain.

Be aware of scammy prices

Some sellers are not too honest and just few days before sales their prices are rising. Do you know what it means? You may get coupons and discount and the price will be almost the same as 2 weeks ago. But you can check it!

Don't let them cheat you and check product price history on - just copy your product url on this page and check what was the price few days ago. And tada - it's all - now you are sure that you buy something cheaper than usual!

You can also install an add-on to your web browser which will show you immediately price history - download it here.

And that's all for today! I hope that you will have buy many amazing things - if you still don't know what to buy start from here.

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