Sunone Light 48W

by AliExpert

Posted on 2016-12-21 22:05:43 UTC

Tags: sunone light lighting uv light nails

Price: 38.0 USD

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Ordered on: 07.09.2016

Recieved: 25.09.2016

I have bought this lamp a few months ago from good known seller. It still have old branding. I have been suprised that there was a box for this lamp.

Box contain a power supply and some instructions. There is option to turn down power to 24 wolts.

There are three modes - 5, 30 and 60 seconds with move detecting sensor. It's really good that here we have 2 new leds which are doing great job.

There is 2 no only 1 standard UV light. Everythings work perfect, I would recommend this lamp for everyone! I'm using it in my work, so it's really good quality product

Price: 38.0 USD

Product rating:



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