Rose Lighting

by AliExpert

Posted on 2016-12-21 21:55:26 UTC

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Price: 5.55 USD

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I have been waiting for these Roses a little bit longer than 3 weeks. Finally when postman gave me them - I was suprised how good they were packed.

There was 2 layers of really fat air foil. Roses are really delicate, so they may got damaged easily without good package.

Roses are made of foam, but there is some plastic between foam and led lamps to make sure that they will not burn your house!

There are 2 modes of lighting - blinking and stable. You will need to buy 3 batteries to power these roses, batteries are not included in package.

They look totaly awesome! For this price these Roses are looking totaly awesome - what you can see on photo above.

Spend these five bucks on them, everyone will love them!

Price: 5.55 USD

Product rating:



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