Julius K9 Dog Harness

by AliExpert

Posted on 2017-03-22 17:57:24 UTC

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Price: 11.1 USD

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I have paid 15$ for this harness. Is it worth this price?

Package came to me within 2 weeks - really fast! The price was as you can see 11 dollars.

But what about quality?

I went yesterday to pet shop to compare the aliexpress harness with the same in local shop. And I have only one opinion - it is almost the same quality for half of price in local shop.

I have no objections to quality of this Julius harness. K9 model have no shortcomings - there is even no free threads on stitches what is great!

You can adjust harness at the front and under the chest.

What I really like in this harness is that some parts are reflective - it is great when you go out to walk with your pet at night.

Everything what other harness have is also there, it seems to be good quality product but I have to test it a little longer.

On the sides you can find Julius brand logo, but there is also place to stick your dog name - I love it!

Overall I am really happy that I bought K9 model - extraordinary quality in low price. I have to give it 5 star rate - great product what is proved by many reviews in the web!

Price: 11.1 USD

Product rating:



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