How to find hidden auctions on Aliexpress?

by AliExpert

Posted on 2017-08-09 13:05:25 UTC

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How to find hidden auctions on Aliexpress? How to buy products from hidden auctions? Why sellers are hiding them? Do you want to know answers for these questions? Keep reading this article! 

If you want to buy something from hidden auction you have to go throught much more complicated than usual buying process. Firstly you have to recognize how Aliexpress auctions work.

I would like to share with you some secrets about hidden auctions - let's start!

How to find hidden Aliexpress auctions?

Why auctions are hidden?

I would like to say that sellers are making auctions hidden because of many reasons, but I want to be honest. Secret auctions are made to sell illegal fake branded products. Let me explain:

Seller has a lot of fake Adidas shoes - because of law he can't put it on public auction, so he decides to make hidden auction. On this auction you can see that there are only normal "no-name" shoes, why?

Now the magic happens - seller are sending real photos to his trusted buyers - they know that buying on this auction will bring them new Adidas, however if any control will catch parcel with these Adidas inside both sides will be secure that they sold and bought "no-name" shoes not "fake-Adidas". I am not sure that I described it correctly, hope that you understand my explain.

Common practice is that seller are sending to us catalog with many products on WhatsApp, then we may choose something from this catalog. After it seller sends to us link to hidden auction with this product. Chinese friends always have way to go around the law ^^ 

Why sellers have to hide auctions?

In 2 words - Aliexpress Administration. They try to get rid of all fake products on marketplace. If only they find anything about duplicated products of famous brands - even in private messages and feedback then seller are instantly banned by Ali. That's why you should never talk about this type of products in private messages on Aliexpress.

Sellers always share their WhatsApp on auctions, if not you should ask for it. Then you can talk with seller about branded fakes, or just get product catalog.

If you have ever bought fake branded product - please don't share photos of it in feedback - it will cause ban on shop where you have bought it.

How to buy on hidden auctions?

Regardless on seller it may be difficult or easy, however the hardest part is behind us. If you have the catalog now you have to follow instructions from product description. Keep your attention to choose right color version of product. But it's always the same as on normal auction. Seller will know what he should send if you are following the rules. Sometimes you will have to write to seller to get exactly that product that you want. Quite simple, isn't it?

Maybe you are here because you have never bought anything on Aliexpress, especially on hidden auctions. Everything may look a little complicated to you. However I have to add something to above paragraphs. You can't find hidden auctions on Aliexpress - you can access them only via seller or private facebook group or something like that. It must work like that to work.

Something about ethical questions

Consequences of buying on hidden auctions?

You have to know that your parcel may be controlled on customs - if they will recognize this product as fake you will have to tell them what you have bought, send auction screenshoot and product price. It's really uncommon but sometimes happen. Don't worry - no one cares about one fake pair of shoes. If you have bought 100 pairs of fake Adidas and custom catch you - you have a problem :P

And remember that on auction your product was unbranded - you just bought normal product and it comes branded, *lol*.

What if my product is damaged or different than described/on photo?

Try to contact with seller via WhatsApp, outside Aliexpress - just because you bought fake product. If seller don't want to give you money back make normal dispute on Aliexpress. But use it as finality - when everything other failed. And also remember  - don't attach photos with fake marks on product.

That's all for today! Feel free to read reviews of Aliexpress products!

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