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Posted on 2017-09-13 13:24:31 UTC

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Is it possible to buy nice wedding dress on Aliexpress?

What are the quality of those dresses?

Some people asked me this type of questions recently, to be honest I didn't know anything in this subject, however I looked through all over the internet. I found many opinions, there is no simple answer for our question - but in this article I want to share my feelings and tips to help you buy good wedding dress on Aliexpress.

Before buying - check the feedback!

Biggest lesson which I learned at research for this article is that you have to check buyers feedback everytime - there is many great dresses in the market with 100% positive feedback - personally I would buy only an dress from auction with good feedback. In next paragraphs I am going to tell you why and give few examples.

But what if my dreamed dress doesn't have any reviews?

It's quite hard to answer this question - I can't tell you that the dress from the photo on auction will be the same when you buy it. However I have few clues for you - how to find good wedding dress on Aliexpress:

  1. As I said before - check auction feedback, but now we are talking about situation when there is no feedback, so let's move on..

  2. Some of sellers provide tailor made wedding dresses - it's good to buy something which will be perfectly fitted for your size. We all know how different are defined sizes on Aliexpress. The L size is sometimes S and vice versa. If seller doesn't want to sew your size you may buy dress which totally don't fit you.

  3. Ask for real photo - without any Photoshop, just look at this below - I have posted it some time ago on my Instagram - this photo exactly show how good at photoshop are sometimes Chinese sellers.

  4. Be aware of too cheap auctions - wedding dress for 15$? It smells like a scam from kilometer. Chinese dresses are cheaper, but they can't be free - before buying look out on the market and check average prices - in my opinion it's between 50$ and 150$.

  5. Check out for other dresses in selected shop - maybe other ones have a lot of good reviews. If yes - you may read about sizes and quality in feedback section. It may tell you a lot about possible quality of your dress.

Maybe you have known everything from points above - however some people may don't know it. I just want to be sure that you would not buy any crappy dress - keep it in mind.

Some examples of trustworthy auctions

To help you find trustworthy auctions I want to share with you example dress that looks like worth to buy. We will be talking about this wedding dress. As you can see it has over 70 positive reviews, some of them have photos. Seller described how to exactly measure your size. You can also contact seller if you have any questions about size or color.

Going deeper into seller shop we can find many other dresses - all of them have very good feedback, it would be really hard to make that much fake feedbacks.

Everything looks okay, if you like the design and there is size for you - why don't buy?

Remember that the parcel may come to you within 2-3 weeks, it's necessary to order dress some time before the wedding.


Is it safe to buy Wedding Dress on Aliexpress?

If you are careful - yes!

What are the quality of dresses from china?

There are many great quality dresses on the market - you just need to follow few simple described above rules at shopping.

What about the size?

Good seller will try to help you as much as it's possible to fit the dress on you. You just need make exact measurement

How long I will have to wait for the parcel?

Delivery time is always between 2 and 3 weeks if you choose standard aliexpress shipping.

Would you recommend to buy dress on Aliexpress?

It would be really hard choose for me, if the price would be great and size fit me I would consider this option. But I would buy it much earlier and work with this dress with local tailor.

Hope that you didn't get bored by reading this article and it was helpful - if yes you can visit our Weddings page where you can find many beautiful dresses - maybe you will choose something for you? :)

Feel free to comment, leave us your opinion about Aliexpress Wedding dresses :)

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