Curren R5Pro Review

by AliExpert

Posted on 2017-08-16 11:47:09 UTC

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Hello, today I want to share with you my expressions of using Curren R5pro for 2 months.

Is it better than MI Band? Is it worth own price? Let me answer these questions and even more!

What were my first impressions of using Curren R5Pro? 

Materials used by Curren are very good. Gum strap is a little elastic but really strong - in my opinion strap is almost unbreakable. However, strap is too short - and not only me note that. The screen is very good - much larger and brighter than in Mi Band 2 - and it make this band good and bad.

Because of larger screen the battery lasts about 3 days. Is it long? In my opinion not so - one of the biggest con's of Curren R5Pro.

Is functionality really working?

To measure heart rate you need to wear Curren really tight. Measuring blood oxygen and pressure works not so good - it should work better because these functions are described in manual, anyway I didn't expect these functions to work like in medical device.

All other functions like steper, fatigue meausurement, daily mileage, sleep monitoring and notifications works very well - I had no problems at all.

Curren R5Pro User Feedback

You will get current in this nice black box

Is Wearfit App useful?

To be honest - it is full of bugs - on Google Play opinions are 50/50 - Great/Crap. I would rate this app with 3/5 mark because I have noticed some problems with syncing data. The good thing is that the Wearfit often gets updates - I noticed 5 or 6 updates in 2 months - hope that all of issues will be repaired soon. Then this app will be just good - that's why my rate is 3/5.

Additional informations:

At writing this review I decided to read other Curren R5Pro reviews - it's really hard to find anything about this watch/band in internet, but found that many people receive band with some functions not working - seller always send them new band, but it should never happen in my opinion.


Reviewed Curren R5Pro is great band, if only all of it's functions would work a little better. Maybe all of these malfunctions will be fixed with some software updates - if yes this band will be awesome. Delivery was really slow because I have to wait for it almost 5 weeks.

I would like to change strap for longer one and fix Wearfit application. 

After those notifications R5Pro would be my choose between it and Mi Band. However Mi Band has much larger community than Curren what makes it more questionable choose.

But don't misunderstand me - Curren R5Pro is great smart band and I can recommend it to you because it's great band. However competition is really strong, and in some aspects better.

That's all for today - if you are intrested in other smart bands - visit this page - thanks for reading!

Price: 31.99 USD

Product rating:



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