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by AliExpert

Posted on 2017-09-14 18:11:34 UTC

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Hello, my name is Patrick - I am guitar freak for 3 years. However my guitar is too big to go everywhere with it - I was thinking about new ukulele. My friend, owner of this page said to me "Maybe you should buy cheap Ukulele on Aliexpress?", this idea were working for few weeks in my mind. Finally I decided to buy Amoon 21" Ukulele - encouraged by positive opinions in internet.

What I can say about Amoon Ukulele from Aliexpress?

Shipping time were quite short, I have got my instrument in 12 days. It cames in strong carton box, I can't say anything bad about package because seller definitely done a good job.

Some people on Aliexpress said that their ukulele was damaged, my came to me in perfect shape. I was suprised that wood which is used to made this uke has such a strange texture - but it's nice in touch.

The frets are minimal rough, but not too much. Strings are average, nothing special - but for 20$ I didn't expected anything better.

Comparing this Ukulele to much more expensive ones which I have tried is really hard - this is nice instrument. Well designed, made by quite good wood. The only thing which I would like to replace are strings - after it Amoon Ukulele is quite reasonable choose.

Final thoughts

Decent build quality with decent sound in extremly low price. If you are looking for Ukulele for begginer or you will not use it as your main instrument - I can recommend it to you. In other cases - with this Amoon Ukulele you will have a lot of fun. It's so hard to me to tell you more about music instrument, because it's almost all about the sound which I can't show you here.

It's hard to believe but Ukeleles from Aliexpress are not that bad as you may think before. I tried Amoon and I am satisfied - but please choose your Uke gently when you are buying on Ali. There is so many toy-ukuleles which are made by worst quality materials.

Thanks for reading! If you are intrested in some guitar/ukulele stuff - visit this page - there you can find many great deals. Have a nice day!

Price: 24.15 USD

Product rating:



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